REBUILD globally

By Isabel Walker

REBUILD globally was born from the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and survived in its wake by embarking on a mission to provide a sustainable, entrepreneurial solution for survivors. What began as disaster relief nearly eight years ago has evolved into a thriving ecosystem that addresses the major barriers to escaping poverty’s powerful grip. Working together with its for-profit partner and ethical fashion company deux mains, REBUILD globally is a local example of how hybrid business models can sustainably drive change in communities around the world. 

“We promote prosperity by growing an educated and skilled workforce in Haiti and ensuring dignified employment.” -REBUILD globally

RGEBUILD globqlly identified two major problems for families trying to create a better life for themselves:

1) An uneducated and unskilled workforce due to lack of opportunity and finances. In Haiti, more than 50% of children do not attend school.

2) A lack of dignified private sector jobs for those who are skilled and educated. Two-thirds of the workforce participates in the informal economy (barter, street vendors etc) leading to inconsistent and undependable income.


REBUILD globally addresses these problems through its education and job training programs. It then ensures the longevity of its impact by ensuring dignified jobs for all program participants through it’s partner deux mains. To date, REBUILD globally has provided job training to more than 100 individuals, supported the education of 300+ students, and has indirectly impacted more than 2500 lives in the community with more than $750,000 in economic investment in its community.


As for its commitment to Orlando, REBUILD globally actively engages its community of incredible supporters and advocates in a variety of ways. This organization is proud to be a part of the growing social enterprise movement in Central Florida. RG’s Orlando staff are all alumni or current students of Rollins College and work with student groups every semester to help provide real-life experience for aspiring social entrepreneurs. Additionally, they offer volunteer opportunities, mentorship, and coaching for students and young professionals.

As RG continues to grow, so will its commitment to Orlando. RG believes its model of empowering communities and fighting poverty is replicable in any vulnerable community and hopes to see its work expand into its home city as well.

RG’s vision is a world where extreme poverty does not exist and where all people are empowered through employment.

SDG Alignment

1. No poverty

  • RG programs creates and provides resources needed to thrive including skills training, access to micro loans, financial literacy training,
  • RG’s Community Development program prepares for natural disasters and provides immediate disaster response when needed

We measure these indicators by tracking program participants transition from financial vulnerability to financial independence: home ownership, ability to send kids to school, employment after program participation, health improvements, income compared to national average

2. Quality Education

  • Access to education through full scholarships for middle school, high school, and university
  • Guaranteeing academic success with weekly tutoring, mentorship, and life skills

We measure by our high school graduation rate, our university attendance rate, national exam pass rate, and comparing the success of our students to their cohorts.

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