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400,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur annually in the United States and 89% of these patients die because they do not receive immediate CPR on the scene. Majority of the people around them are afraid to give CPR because they are untrained and afraid of hurting the person.

Take Heart Orlando is a program offered to city residents and organization. The program is meant to increase the availability of people who are trained to give CPR and empower the public to provide lifesaving assistance to victims. The Orlando City Fire Department offers a free 4-hour CPR course that certifies the participants. This course is is open to the public and groups.

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The innovative part of this program is utilizing the PulsePoint. This mobile app will use the Orlando Fire Department communications center to alert CPR-trained by-standards if there is a sudden cardiac arrest in their area. The app also lets the responder know the location of the closest publicly accessible automated external defibrillator. This technology allows the increased number of CPR trained citizens to be in the right place when needed.

The PulsePoint app tracks the number of sudden cardiac arrests and the number of citizens that have it activated. The total number of cardiac arrests that have occurred is 30,808 while the number of citizens that are ready to respond is 89,272.

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Download the PulsePoint App here: Download the PulsePoint app

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