World Economic Forum - Global Shapers Community Annual Survey 2016

Taken by thousands of individuals from around the world (ages 18-35) the survey measures how young people see the world and what do they want to do about it. Follow to link to read the survey in depth:

"The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2016 provides a unique opportunity to hear from young people and to integrate their perspectives into the activities of all stakeholders. It comes at a time when the world needs to hear from young people. I thank all those who contributed to making this effort possible."  - Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman World Economic Forum

"The Global Shapers Community exists to empower young people both locally and globally. The Community does this in various ways, from local projects in neighbourhoods to ensuring that young people are present and have a voice at international meetings or events where decision-makers come together. In 2015 we published the first Global Shapers Annual Survey. This initial effort secured 1,400 responses from Global Shapers in 125 countries and over 280 cities. The findings were well received, and they provided insights that informed the decisions and priorities of the Global Shapers Community in the period that followed. We also know that the Survey offered value to several other stakeholders who enquired about its insights. Crucially, this Survey and its results provided a different way to strengthen the voice of young people. And so we set about this year to renew this effort. In keeping with our mission, the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2016 extends the opportunity to be heard to young people who are not necessarily Global Shapers. We are humbled by the strong response, which we acknowledge today by sharing these findings. As you review these results, please consider how you can use these perspectives to inform your own actions and priorities, and those of your organization and your community. We stand ready to support your efforts with any additional information or assistance you may need. We extend grateful appreciation to all those who supported this effort. Thanks to World Economic Forum staff and constituents whose strong support for the Global Shapers Community is an enabling force across the world. And a special thank you goes to those who interacted with us for the first time through this effort and who brazenly chose to give their full support. We hope that you enjoy the findings." - Adrian Monck, Head of Public Engagement and Foundations and Member of the Managing Board. World Economic Forum and Yemi Babington-Ashaye, Head of the Global Shapers Community and Director at the World Economic Forum

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